Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Michael Savage Radio

Some good news for local radio: when Michael Savage moves to 3pm Eastern in a few weeks, his program will air in the Albany metro area on talk1300.  That channel has been heavily criticized of late for dropping its afternoon hostess, but business is what business is.

Local afternoon and evening radio talk shows tend to fall into a rut with 5 or 6 hard core callers who dial in at predictable [boring] moments every day.  There are between 25 and 50 or so regular listeners who may or may not call.  Back in '99 I used the internet to draw a larger mix of listeners and callers.  Once we filled an IRC chatroom to capacity while keeping a constant bank of callers on hold. In addition to local listeners we had our biggest out of market audiences in Denver and Boulder, Colorado, New York City, Montreal, Tokyo and the state of Alaska!  Those were great times. I have a few shows on cassettes and many of the ones involving the JonBenet Ramsey case are available on the net, if you know where to look.

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